The roof of your house does not just shelter you symbolically; it protects you from unpredictable weather and other natural elements. Like our early ancestors, finding safe shelter is one of our top priorities as humans. It follows naturally that your roof must be in top shape to defend you to the best of its abilities.

If you want to ensure that your roof is doing its job, you must hire a trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Belfast who is willing to work with the required care and caution– and our roofers in Belfast are more than up for the challenge. We consider ourselves professional and dependable, so you can rely on us to treat your home as if it were our own. Our roofers in Belfast are specialists when it comes to roofing and gutter-related services. We, as professionals, have developed our skills with hard work to become exceptional at what we do. We employ skilled and outstanding people with a strong sense of duty and they excel at their jobs. All our employees try their best to provide for you and your needs, creating a plan specifically for you and your home. We cater to a number of services including roofing, which is done from scratch, reparation, and gutter services. All of these are handled by our teams that focus on specific areas to give you the best service possible. We have extensive experience in providing services such as battening, re-felting, tiling, and slating.

Our Focus

Roofing Contractor in Belfast focus highly on work ethic and high-quality work while still keeping our prices affordable. Roofers in Belfast provide competitive pricing and are still able to maintain quality. We have built our experience over the years across many locations with different obstacles. Now, we have cultivated the necessary skills to successfully complete any kind of job without a flaw.

Roofing Services

Our Approach

Our professionals roofers in Belfast start every project with the intent of giving it our hundred percent; each job undergoes ample organization and care before we begin. Roofing Contractor in Belfast organize our schedule to be convenient for our clients. Plus, we understand that every case of roofing is different, whether you want to get a full roofing or avail yourself of our gutter cleaning in Belfast. We inspect everything and brief the client on what is needed for their specific project.
A typical roofer does the following:

  • Inspect the roof- assessing any potential damage it has either because of a storm or because of deterioration over time;
  • Repair isolated issues on your roof such as replacing missing shingles or fixing shingles that are lifting
  • Restore your roof- includes cleaning it and attending to any minor issues such as cracked or lifting shingles;
  • Shingle replacement- if your shingles are coming close to the end of their life span, a roofing contractor will remove and dispose of the old shingles, prepare your roof and install new shingles;
  • Emergency Repair– when the unexpected occurs most roofing contractors will be ready to help out with your leaky roof or repair any damage caused by last night’s storm;
  • Fixing gutters, downspouts, and soffit borders on your roof and work to move any water runoff from your roof away from your home. These items are all considered integral parts of an effective roofing ecosystem.

Our Aim

We aim to provide the best possible service for our customers and we function on some strict principles that we think provide our business with the necessary authenticity. All our teams aim to treat you with respect and treat you professionally. We are highly trained in providing the best customer service and fulfilling your needs to the best of our ability. Unresolved issues can be incredibly frustrating so when you come to us, you can be sure that our company will do its best to provide quick and efficient work so that your problems may be resolved as soon as possible. Despite our years of experience, we charge affordable prices while providing you with a top- quality service.

Professional man cleaning gutter
Women cleaning gutter wearing gloves

Our Services


Our main services include roofing from scratch, roof repairing, and gutter cleaning.

There are five components to typical roofing: drainage which is the roof’s design feature such as the shape, incline, and slope that affects its ability to drain water, flashing which is a sheet of metal or other material that is installed onto the roof system’s various joints to prevent water from seeping in, roof structure that is the rafters that are constructed to support the sheathing, sheathing which are boards or sheet material that is fastened to the rafters to cover the house, and
lastly roof covering such as shingles, tile, slate, meter or any other things that are laid on top to protect the sheathing. Roofing Contractor in Belfast will guide you through all the steps of roofing and ensure that it is done professionally.

Gutter Cleaning Belfast

We also provide services for gutter cleaning. Our gutter cleaning in Belfast services include:

  • Making sure that your brackets are fixed to your gutters
  • Replacing faulty parts of your gutter
  • Replacing damaged stop ends
  • Repairing socket wall clips on the downpipe
  • Testing how the water flows in the gutter
  • Unblocking the gutter
  • Evaluating the roofs to fix any potential problems.

Repair Services

Our workers will identify the areas of weakness and look for missing shingles, shagging positions, and damaged flashing. The workers will also ensure proper roof drainage and make sure the material of the roofing is top quality. Lastly, we make any repairs needed to ensure that the integrity of the roof remains intact.

Why Choose Us?

Roofing is a competitive business and we aim to provide the best service at the best possible price. Our goal is not only to provide stellar services but to also make sure every customer leaves satisfied. Our employees give their all to understand and execute every client’s vision. So get in touch now and ask for our expert opinion on all your roofing problems.


As mentioned earlier, the roof is the most important part of the house. It gives you shelter from the rain, the sun, and any other elements that might be hazardous. This is exactly why our roofers must make sure that they leave your roof in top shape. Other than that, our gutter cleaning in Belfast is highly recommended.

Are roofers essential workers?

Yes, they can be considered essential workers if they are not interacting with anyone and the work is outside the house. For the most part, construction is allowed to continue if it is not indoors.

Can roofers work in the wind?

Working during heavy winds can be dangerous as roofing is done at a certain height. Strong wind can not only knock the person off but also potentially drop something heavy on the ground. Usually, roofers do not work in strong wind.

What do roofers do when it rains?

Most roofers only remove parts of the roof they know they can replace in a day. If there is a prediction of rain, the roofing company will carry tarps that can be used to cover the roof if it rains during an installation.

Can roofers work in the rain?

Roofers typically do not work during the rain because the rain can affect the quality of the roof installation. Rainwater can damage the roof deck and a new roof should never be installed over a wet surface.

Belfast Roofers

The roof of your house does not just shelter you symbolically; it protects you from unpredictable weather and other natural elements.