The roof of your house is just as important as the foundation. It shelters you from rain and protects you from all natural elements. That is why it must always be in top shape so it can continue its duty and protect you. If you want to see if your roof needs any upkeep, hire our roofing services in Belfast.

A typical roofer does the following and provides with almost all your needs:
● They inspect the roof, assessing any potential damage it might have which may be caused by any storm or deterioration overtime.
● Repairing isolated issues on your roof such as replacing missing shingles or fixing shingles that are lifting.
● Restoring your roof, which includes cleaning and attending to any minor issues such as cracked or lifting shingles.
● Shingle replacement, if your shingles are coming close to the end of their life span, a roofing contractor will remove and dispose of the old shingles, prepare your roof and install new shingles.
● Emergency Repair- when the unexpected occurs most roofing contractors will be ready to help out with your leaky roof or repair any damage caused by last night’s storm.
Fixing gutters, downspouts, and soffit border on your roof and work to move any water runoff from your roof away from your home. These items are all considered integral parts of an effective roofing ecosystem.

Flat Roof Repair Belfast

Having a flat roof is becoming increasingly popular. So if you have recently gotten one installed and it needs some maintenance work, our flat roof repair in Belfast is for you. Let us go into detail about the crucial steps one needs to take when repairing a flat roof.

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Inspecting For Leaks

One of the crucial steps for maintaining a flat roof is inspecting it for leaks and our flat Roof Repair Services in Belfast does just that. Every roof is susceptible to leaks but flat roofs are prone to leakage. The first step in repairing is inspecting the leaks.

Repairing the Wood Underneath

After checking for leakage, we check if the wood underneath is free of cracks and chips. This is another crucial step in repairing the roof.

Using Quality Flashing

Flashing goes around the vents, chimneys, and other areas of the roof. It protects the roof from leaks and just like any other roof, preventing leaks is equally important for the life of a flat roof. When repairing a flat roof, we use quality flashing that prolongs the life of a flat roof. If you want to get your flat roof repaired, contact our roofing contractors in Belfast now! When you come to us, you can rest assured that we will take care of your house and consider it our own. All of our workers are professionally trained and will deal with you with the courtesy you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you.


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The roof of your house does not just shelter you symbolically; it protects you from unpredictable weather and other natural elements.